Goddess have given me a special place beneath Her, as Her foot slave. I’m her committed foot slave. What does it mean to be Her committed foot slave?

For thousands of years caring for the feet of a ruler has been the exclusive position the most trusted servants. It’s a position of honour. Think about it. Women can be self-concious. They enjoy constant validation of their looks, constant validation that we have eyes for no other. It’s not really insecurity. It just feels good to know one is at the centre of another’s thoughts. Aside from the genitals the foot is the most sensitive part of the body with the most nerve bundles. Feet are the dirtiest part of the body, the most likely to be covered in grime and sweat. Feet are one of the few parts of the body, if injured or aching, can shut down life.

If a woman allows you to touch her feet, she knows it’s inherently sexual for you. Woman can kind of assume that. When a goddess like Maya allows someone to care for her feet, it’s validating that person is: trusted enough to touch and care for the second-most sensitive part of Her body. It’s affirming that person is so attracted to Her they’re sexually excited by the lowest, dirtiest and high-maintenance part of her body. When a woman allows you to buy her shoes, especially if she allows you to pick them out, she’s placing a shit load of trust in you.

Maya mentioned this. Not so many months ago she was out for a walk in the moors with one of her partners. She told me “I just thought to myself, I’d be totally fucked right now if my slave hadn’t bought these wellies”. Being her foot slave, and being good at it, was the difference between a relaxing stroll through nature’s beauty and really shitty day for Her.

The feet are the face a woman doesn’t show. All those shoes? That’s Her makeup to cover up what she might see as flaws. It’s very unlikely the goddess in your life considers her feet attractive. Think about it? After a long day how do you feel about your own feet? Wouldn’t it be awesome if somebody would pamper them, caress and work out the knots and aches? But can you imagine asking a random person to do that? Hell no. Most of us would be embarrassed as hell.

There’s also the power aspect of it. Think of all the things women put up with to excite sexual partners. I mean, between makeup, clothes, all that time spent in the bathroom and getting dressed. It’s crazy when you think about. If a woman knows she doesn’t have to do anything but prop her feet up in front of you, she knows you’re totally for her. Totally attracted. She doesn’t have to screw around with all that work. You’re committed to her.

Goddess Maya’s job can be a trying one. Just think of the weirdest fantasies you have. The weirdest ones you’ve ever heard. Stuff that makes you wonder “what the fuck?” Her inbox is a constant stream of that. And it’s people trying to scam Her too. A lot of them aren’t trying to serve her. They just want to get off. They don’t care how she feels about it. In a way, it’s sexual assault.

Imagine this scenario:

You’re walking down the street and some random person you’ve never seen before walks up to you. They’ve got an obvious boner and a $100 bill in their hand. They walk up, breathing heavy, and they say: “I’ll give you this if you make fun of me while I jack it”. Then, before you can even react, their dick’s out and their pumping it like crazy. They drop down to their knees. How would you feel about that? Would you feel complemented? Would you feel in control of anything? Hell fucking no you wouldn’t. You’d want to call the police. Later, you’d wonder to yourself why people feel like they’re allowed to do that.

If you’re reading this, I want you to really think about this. I have been that guy before. I think most men reading this have at some point in our lives. If you’re online looking to be dominated and willing to pay for it, chances are you don’t understand how to attract dominant women. They are viewing you like in the scenario I just described.

The difference is I figured this out when I was maybe 15. It’s no issue for me at all to attract dominant women. Why? Because I understand how to make it about them. How to turn every situation into something that compliments and encourages them, allows them to feel respected, like a true goddess. So why am I online seeking to be dominated?

Well, I wasn’t and I’m not. You see, a little over a year ago I’d just left a bad relationship. I wasn’t looking for anyone at all, actually. Fapping was all I was after, and I’d gotten tired of porn. Cam sites had never really interested me. I dated a cam girl years ago, back before chaturbate or mfc existed. I never once watched one of her shows. She was my neighbour. She ended up marrying my best friend, and I’m happy for both of them.

Anyway, I stumbled on chaturbate, thinking of it like “okay, I guess this is custom live porn”. My mind was instantly changed by this girl Julia, who was just having a bad day and talking about it. Instantly made me think back to L. It wasn’t about how she looked or anything. I wasn’t even aroused by her, really. I started going in there to talk to her. It was a lot of just hanging out . It was socializing. To this day, she still calls and emails me when she has something on her mind. I know where she lives, I know her cats, I know her husband.

Julia was interested in bdsm. She’s a submissive, a young one just figuring things out. She’s tough as nails too. She can take a spanking harder than anybody I know, even myself. But as we talked I got to know her. I never demanded anything. Never actually fapped to her at all. Mind you, I have a foot fetish and she has perfect feet. I never once fapped to them. I asked if she wanted to show them to me sometimes, because it made her feel good.

When she finally decided to go to an adult convention to promote herself, she was scared to death. Didn’t know what to do or expect. She asked two people to go with her: me and her husband. She asked me to teach her husband how to engage in bdsm play. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine being asked by a cam girl, a smoking hot one, to teach her husband how to dominate her and fly with them to Colorado to go to a convention, because she trusts you? If that seems impossible to you, you don’t understand how to serve a woman. There’s this perception beta males aren’t real men. I wonder what the success rate of all those macho alpha males is at things like this?

See, that’s the thing. I’m a beta male and I know it. It’s the servant leader archetype. I can get somewhere most of you can’t by just asking people what they want, by investing myself in them and thinking in terms of how can I improve their life? How can I best support this person, how can I make sure I add value to their life? In doing so, it’s easy for me to become the favoured servant beneath the feet of a goddess. Even Maya has been shocked by this. She’s confided in me about some trials and tribulations she’s had dating.

Wait, wtf? She’s gorgeous with a winning personality and a monomolecular katana for wit. How could she have trouble? Well, half of it’s because all these people think she’s for sale. They want to assault her. Wave after wave of armed masturbators treat her like that. So she can’t open up to anybody. How the hell can you date if you can’t be open and intimate with people?

It winds up reinforcing the view women are just sex objects. She can’t really express much else about herself because people will use it against her. She used to have an amazing art gallery online. Somebody used it to track her down, tried to coerce her for sex. Imagine if that happened to you?

I’d mentioned to Maya I’ve had a good history with online dating. Close to a 90% success rate with anyone I’ve decided to seriously approach. She’s expressed the above to me, the trouble she has and the effect it has on her. But she won’t talk about the real reasons behind it. Now, I don’t want to put words in her mouth. However, I’ve known enough women intimately that I know this aspect of it for certain. L talked about this problem all the time.

So, being her committed foot slave…

I did wank on chaturbate sometimes. I never tipped for anything specific. I’d flip through, find a situation in progress, join in to watch and wank. I’d tip the model just to make her feel good. I would look at tip menus to specifically avoid tipping for anything specific. It was just some money and a nice note telling her thank you. Hell, I even found my favourite cooking channel that way, lol. It’s a kinky couple that cooks naked, cracks jokes, and goofs around while they make food. They’re cool people.

One night I stumbled across Maya. Here was an odd duck, leaning back in a chair, talking about how people get addicted to porn and cam sites. How it’s a real problem and models who notice this about people should be more honest. She was talking about how it’s bad for the industry, and it’s bad for everyone involved.

Right there: a woman who can abstractly view the world like that, see over horizons and barriers, take the long view. That’s the kinda person who can rule the world. That’s the hottest thing in the world to me. It takes a lot of strength to stand up and tell people who want to hand you money it’s bad for them to do so. Especially when you’re living in a house that kills people, with all the miasma and vines choking your life and holding you back from your hopes and dreams.

That’s what told me she’s the one. I started checking every night to see if she was around. I was shy at first. Intimidated. Who wouldn’t be by someone that smart and talented, let alone her looks and immaculate sense of style? I admit the way I approached her, engaged her was unorthodox.

I simply asked her if she was accepting slaves. She seemed pretty confused, actually. She kept asking me what I wanted. I sent her some money, not tokens, and asked for nothing, save what may I do for her. I didn’t want her to feel pressured or assaulted at all. I wanted to truly do something for her, if she’d allow me, and let her know I’m available for her use if she would like to use me.

Yeah, we had a discussion about fetishes and things. That didn’t come right away.

We’ve gotten to know each other over the past year. For me, it’s pretty serious. I honestly have no interest in anyone else. In my mind she’s my girlfriend. She’s my goddess. She’s the reason I get up in the morning, the driving force behind everything I do.

This is what I mean when I say Goddess. Let’s really understand this.

In the Bible, especially if you get into Kabbalah or ceremonial magic, or if you’ve read the Quran, sin is described like this: sin is being outside the path God has made for you. It’s being in the shadow and darkness. The Quran describes it like walking through the worst squall you can imagine, unable to see a few feet in front of your face while the weather just rips your body apart. The lightning flashes, only in brief glimpses, flashing and blinding sinners: those not on the path.

But for those on the path, the light runs through them. It catches in their sales and sends them rocketing through life at the speed of light, buoys them up above the storm and through the stratosphere, to the kingdom of heaven. That is the light of God. That is living without sin.

Maya is my God. Through existing for her, walking the path she puts me on, I am a titan who can shake mountains. Her lightning flows through my veins.

I’m her committed foot slave.

She knows beyond any doubt she can lead me along like a puppet by just telling me she’s taking a shower or going for a walk. She doesn’t even have to make a sexual reference or show me her feet. It’s effortless for her to arouse me, and she knows it. That validates her. My arousal becomes a compliment. Further, I’ve sought to hack the dynamic. I exist in denial and chastity, and I’ve specifically told her to please ignore me if I ask for sexual favours, if I ask to cum. Why? Because this is about Her. She’ll let me cum if she desires it. If it’ll make her feel good, she’ll allow it.

For my birthday she took a video of herself walking around town. It just shows her feet. In this internet of free porn and dating sites, I wank to that. I edge and tease myself to her feet in dirty sneakers walking around town.

It’s a compliment. An ongoing one that I am willing to be unable to stray. I am that committed to her, I don’t even want the option to cheat or be with anyone else. And I’ve expressed my weakness to her. I’m a man. I’m only human. My body and animal instinct still exists. I’ve asked if she wants to help retrain and control that. She said yes. The things she’s doing to me bind me to her tightly. It’s all kinds of brainwashing, mind fucking, etc. It’s because I’ve asked her to hold me tight and not let me stray.

Of course I get scared. Love is like that. Being vulnerable is like that. The other night she exposed me to a stranger. Of course I have all these thoughts and fears around it. I was initially shocked by it. Then, I was angry. Now, I realize there is no reason for me to be upset. It’s what she wanted, and through it I took great pleasure. It was a huge rush, and if she wishes to do it again I’ll allow it. I’ll try to be better.

I’d questioned: will she ruin my life? It’s scary because she absolutely could. She could send my whole world and everything I’ve built to hell. I’m now realizing what she did was like a crazy trust test. She trusted me enough to share that with me. She doesn’t tell the internet about her partners and dates. She put me right in front of one of them. She trusts me. Deeply trusts me, or she wouldn’t do that. I could have done so many things to completely fuck up that experience for her, but I didn’t. I bent over and took it. And I will again if she asks.

I love Her.

She’s polyamorous. She’s expressed one person can’t satisfy her and partners have problems with that and get jealous. I don’t. I pay for her to go on dates and encourage her to fill her needs. Because I care about her happiness. It’s about Her. It’s alright if it’s one-sided, if she likes one-sided. That’s how it is.

I’m her committed foot slave, luckiest man alive, and I love her. Truly, deeply, madly.



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