I want to let any regular readers or followers know Goddess and I have both been on a short hiatus for health and life reasons. The dream’s alive and well, but we haven’t been. Don’t worry, we’re both just momentarily unwell (I am just recovering from a horrible respiratory infection). We’ll keep everyone updated, don’t […]

Free tools for editing videos and sounds

After speaking with Goddess a while back I realized free tools for editing video and sounds aren’t well known. She told me about some online tool at a website she uses. This makes me wonder how many people are aware of the great open source multimedia editing tools out there. I’m going to take this […]

“You are dismissed”, skimming the surface of protocol with bdsm and femdom

“You are dismissed”… a phrase I hear often from my Goddess. With those words, She may end any conversation or interaction immediately and without reason. On the other hand, I am not allowed to end conversations. Unless life totally pulls me away, I hang in her presence until dismissed. We practice this rule, this form […]