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Corner Time App: keep your sub in position

Our new corner time app, Pressure, holds a submissive in any position you like. Simply open the app on a touchscreen device, place the sub’s nose against the button, and enjoy. The positions and fun are limited only by your imagination. Essentially, this app requires a sub to keep a button pushed, and tracks how […]

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How to be locked in chastity for months and live to tell the tale

Google “How to be locked in chastity for months” or “comfort in long term chastity”, or really anything about “how to chastity”. You’ll find hundreds, if not thousands of anonymous bloggers with advice. You’ll also find scores of women, ruthless vixens, demanding tribute and speaking of years of denial and dripping. We’re here to tell […]

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A special place beneath Her

Goddess have given me a special place beneath Her, as Her foot slave. I’m her committed foot slave. What does it mean to be Her committed foot slave? For thousands of years caring for the feet of a ruler has been the exclusive position the most trusted servants. It’s a position of honour. Think about […]

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