Surprise Dildo: A thought exercise

We’ve all been there: we’re in the middle of a conversation and someone just shoves a surprise dildo in our mouth… right? Okay, maybe not, but let’s try a thought experiment. Just imagine it. Imagine at any moment someone could shove a dildo in your mouth. The surprise dildo might happen while you’re talking about […]

Corner Time App: keep your sub in position

Our new corner time app, Pressure, holds a submissive in any position you like. Simply open the app on a touchscreen device, place the sub’s nose against the button, and enjoy. The positions and fun are limited only by your imagination. Essentially, this app requires a sub to keep a button pushed, and tracks how […]

A special place beneath Her

Goddess have given me a special place beneath Her, as Her foot slave. I’m her committed foot slave. What does it mean to be Her committed foot slave? For thousands of years caring for the feet of a ruler has been the exclusive position the most trusted servants. It’s a position of honour. Think about […]