Day: June 4, 2018

Every morning

Every morning, for a long time now I’ve sent Goddess an email. She asked me to do that, and I’ve done it for the most part. Of course, life gets in the way some times. Along the way I’ve grown used to checking my inbox like a little kid unwrapping presents. Religiously, I check my […]

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How to be locked in chastity for months and live to tell the tale

Google “How to be locked in chastity for months” or “comfort in long term chastity”, or really anything about “how to chastity”. You’ll find hundreds, if not thousands of anonymous bloggers with advice. You’ll also find scores of women, ruthless vixens, demanding tribute and speaking of years of denial and dripping. We’re here to tell […]

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What will we do with a drunken Goddess?

Some of you may be blessed to know Goddess’s wonderful typing skills. On a good day her messages are very clear. Right now, the gin is upon Her. Oh yes. A drunken Goddess is a thing to be feared. All I can guarantee is I’ll probably be punished for disobeying her immaculate, easy to understand […]

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