Our new corner time app, Pressure, holds a submissive in any position you like. Simply open the app on a touchscreen device, place the sub’s nose against the button, and enjoy. The positions and fun are limited only by your imagination.

Essentially, this app requires a sub to keep a button pushed, and tracks how long it’s been pushed. It works with a touchscreen.

I got the idea from this video: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php? … b78f361525

Key features:

  • Tracks how many seconds the button was pushed and how long it wasn’t.
  • Integrates with Lovense toys
    • Every 5 seconds the button is pressed the toy’s speed increases.
    • Letting go of the button turns the toy off and starts back at the lowest setting.
  • Allows for a custom callBack url, so it’s easy to integrate your own things with it
    • Every .5 seconds, it sends the status of what the user is doing to a custom url.
    • This could be a Raspberry Pi or something which controls other devices

It’s open source under the BSD license and github repo is here: https://github.com/mayasblade/pressure

This thing is very basic at this point, but I think it has a lot of potential. Please, feel free to give feedback or even contribute to the app.

Corner Time 2.0: Coming Features

If this corner time app gains traction, I plan on adding the following features and integrations:

  • Integration with Pavlok, the internet controlled shocker, to shock the sub when they break contact with the button.
  • Integration with Chronovault, to adjust chastity time based on the sub’s performance
  • Notifications and performance logging, to collect data about the sub’s performance.

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