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After months of no-touch denial, Goddess let me edge

After months of no-touch denial, Goddess finally let me edge the other day. I wasn’t ready for what happened, and had no idea what to expect. For those that follow this blog, you may know Goddess Maya keeps me in strictly enforced chastity. I’ve been locked nearly 24/7 since December 2017, with a few brief […]

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Considering permanent chastity

Permanent Chastity, perhaps?

Permanent Chastity, perhaps? Permanent chastity has been a topic of discussion a bit lately. Maya has hinted at it a few times, and I’ve learned when she hints it’s something she wants. Today marks 80 days since the last time she made me cum, and I’ve spent most of the time locked since December. I […]

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Caring, Gentle Femdom – Understanding Safe, Sane, Consensual

Caring, Gentle Femdom brings one into the deep waters of submission, at least in my case. It doesn’t make you less dominant to ask permission or to check on your submissive. Goddess posted this image about it on Twitter earlier today and I want to elaborate on it from a sub’s perspective. Well, a sub […]

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I want to let any regular readers or followers know Goddess and I have both been on a short hiatus for health and life reasons. The dream’s alive and well, but we haven’t been. Don’t worry, we’re both just momentarily unwell (I am just recovering from a horrible respiratory infection). We’ll keep everyone updated, don’t […]

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Mind of a deprived slave

Locked in chastity, cucked, and used for foreplay

Maya locked me in chastity, cucked me, and used me as foreplay with one of her dates. I was emotionally turbulent afterward and I’m only starting to process what happened. During and after I was a total wreck. Dipping and diving, my emotions have been a roller coaster. The experience itself was totally jarring. I […]

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Lawn mowing in drag

Tired of arguing about yard work? Okay… lawn mowing in drag sounds entertaining, right? I want to share something with you all. I know a couple, we’ll call them R and L. R is a technical sales person for automobiles; like a sales person who used to be a top-tier mechanic. He’s one of the […]

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