Just an update, Maya has me in chastity again. We took a break for a while because I ran into some health issues and other real-life-getting-in-the-way type things. At this point I haven’t had an orgasm since August 20th, or 21 days.

She teased me mercilessly for about an hour Saturday night before locking me up. Then she let me out again around noon today, edged and teased me for about 20 minutes, and locked me up again. It seems like the same thing will be happening again tomorrow. Previously when I’ve been in chastity for her I’ve been completely deprived of genital pleasure. This new element is driving me insane.

Actually, on the 20th I wanked when I wasn’t supposed to. This is kind of my punishment. In the past we’ve always had a known unlock date where I know I’ll get an orgasm. This time I have no idea when she’ll allow me an orgasm. I think it’s sort of my punishment. I know she enjoys it.

For those new to this blog we use a Chronovault from Dream Lover labs. Here you can find a video of it locking.

Anyway, today I noticed a button in the Chronovault software that says “Subliminal Messages”. It turns out the software has some kind of subliminal message training tool. I mentioned it to Maya and opened up a whole new can of worms. I don’t use the computer the chronovault is connected to on any regular basis, so I found this program for my desktop. It’s been running subliminal messages showing Maya’s beautiful feet for about the last 2 hours while I’ve been playing Forge of Empires on the computer.

At first I didn’t notice anything. After about an hour I noticed I’m squirming and can’t still.It’s gotten worse over the last hour. It’s devastating how effective it is. The images and text flash for less than a 1oth of a second every 4 seconds on my screen. So fast I can’t really even see them or read what they say. I honestly don’t really notice them unless I’m trying to see them. But the effect is definitely there.

At this point all I can think about is her feet and how frustrated I am. I can’t sit still and my dick is dripping precum inside my cage. It’s so frustrating I almost want to cry. It’s so easy and devious too, because the actual messages don’t really impede anything I’m doing on the computer. If this is what the next step of my training looks like, between the denial. edging, and subliminal messages I think she might actually break me. I’ve never felt this frustrated in my entire life.

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