My Evolution Propects for my future : Current thoughts for my re-branding

I’ve sat down to reflect on my current situation and have really seen the bigger picture, the next phase of my life journey involves a significant shift in focus and priorities. With my youngest child still at home and my eldest soon getting in secondary, I’ve come to terms with the reality that pursuing large-scale […]

2023 Mv Awards First Look Sketches + 07th -August-15th Aug (Updated) Blog

2022/02/22 Updated From We have 5 Months to work with!!! Here’s a first look preview at my next project this year I expect to be competing like in 2021 we are aiming to get a finalist position again This Upcoming year recap extended with babble and complaints.. This year in 2022 I expect to have […]

Mv Awards 2022 Candy Queen Creation & Working Wings

I’ve had a very occupied busy year this year with lots going on in the background. I’ve been very on and off this project allot of the ad work/blogs/ tip menu was reworked and recycled I gone through the spots of happiness and draughts of depression allot this year but everything has kind of fell […]

Mv Awards 07/17/2021 Preview of What’s Happening!! Part 1

Mv Awards 07/17/2021 Preview of What’s Happening!! Part 1 It’s almost time for the Mv Awards , I’ve been preparing for this since late November this is the most prepared I’ve ever been for a contest ( usually I’m rushing around in the last week ) Mv Awards 2021 Packages & Prices for Mv Queen […]

The Flight Project

In around Febuary 2019 I made my first wings I used a cardboard outer edge with shiny holographic letherette matierals and simultaneously cut out the feather shapes while painfully waiting for my glue gun to charge every 30 minutes the project took longer than expected due to the waiting At that point i had started […]

Valentine’s American Beauty Inspired Photoset – Making Of

valentines american beauty photoset

Valentine’s American Beauty Inspired Photoset Over a few conversations with an old fling I mentioned I love old classic movies. The old theatrics possess more emotion and darkness, evoking more reason to think and question a story. American Beauty is just that. He had mentioned this film for inspiration purposes so I decided to recreate […]