My Evolution Propects for my future : Current thoughts for my re-branding

I’ve sat down to reflect on my current situation and have really seen the bigger picture, the next phase of my life journey involves a significant shift in focus and priorities. With my youngest child still at home and my eldest soon getting in secondary, I’ve come to terms with the reality that pursuing large-scale […]

2023 Mv Awards First Look Sketches + 07th -August-15th Aug (Updated) Blog

2022/02/22 Updated From We have 5 Months to work with!!! Here’s a first look preview at my next project this year I expect to be competing like in 2021 we are aiming to get a finalist position again This Upcoming year recap extended with babble and complaints.. This year in 2022 I expect to have […]

Mv Awards 2022 Candy Queen Creation & Working Wings

I’ve had a very occupied busy year this year with lots going on in the background. I’ve been very on and off this project allot of the ad work/blogs/ tip menu was reworked and recycled I gone through the spots of happiness and draughts of depression allot this year but everything has kind of fell […]