Amazing skills indeed. Example provided for reference purposes, picture is not factual.

Some of you may be blessed to know Goddess’s wonderful typing skills. On a good day her messages are very clear. Right now, the gin is upon Her. Oh yes. A drunken Goddess is a thing to be feared. All I can guarantee is I’ll probably be punished for disobeying her immaculate, easy to understand orders. Yes. But she’s so cute though when she mallards my swan button.

But you know… if I didn’t document it here she might forget. We all know what happened last time. Everybody got confused and thought she an an Irish terrorist named Marty.

In all seriousness, sometimes it aggravates me because neither of us can figure out what the other is talking about. But there’s a simple solution: she’s always right. A drunken Goddess is always right, especially early in the morning.

On Communication

Communication is the most important thing for a successful relationship, and that’s doubly so for the kind of high-stakes femdom fuckery we get up to. It’s important to remember how the other party feels. So… what am I thinking? Am I upset I can’t understand her right now? No. I’m not. She’s having a good time and that’s what it’s about.

Does it sting a little that I have something actually serious to talk to her about: Yes. A deal breaker, of utter and utmost importance. Nah. Do I feel ignored or neglected, yeah a little bit, but more in an erotic humiliation kind of way.. which is how I choose to view it. I actually doubt it’s intentional on her part. I feel comfortable letting her know I feel this way because she’s the one person allowed to really see deep down inside me. If I don’t allow her into that place, let her walk around the corners of my mind, how can she really own me? Not to mention, now that she knows about it she might have some fun with it.

Definitely not an Irish terrorist.

What shall we do for a drunken Goddess?

…is more accurate. She’s been relaxing today and having the deals and feels. Me too, a little. I just found out last night I might have to call social services about what’s going on at a house down the street. So I’m processing that. I also talked to my dad for the first time in about 8 years this morning. It turns out, he has retired and I’m happy for him.

But what did I do today? Mostly, tried to cope with some ongoing things. I’ve also done some work on Her website, figured out how to cut around $200 from my monthly expenses (and did it, not just planned it), and I made this really cool infinite hypno loop thing. It’ll lay you down and relax you, relax in service to the Goddess.

That’s what I did today. I relaxed. You might say how is doing all that relaxing? Like I said.. relax in service to the Goddess. 😉

She’s always right? How does that work?

It’s simple. She… as in, Maya, not Marty, is always right.

Okay, hold on. Let’s kill the rumour. Her name is not Marty, that stuff with the balloons never happened. She was actually the police officer in that situation.

There’s nothing else about it. No reason to make it more complex than that. I chose to belong to her, and in doing so I accepted her, I accepted and submitted to her always being right.

What that means is up to her, not me. I’m just along for the ride. If that means I’m working on her website and doing all this other crap while she’s planning her next assault on the local convention center: well, I guess she’s right. Letting her be always right is stepping aside, giving her the support and backing, and latitude to fulfill her own desires, to live up to being called Goddess.

Guys (and gals), I’m putting this out here because some people have a lot of difficulty with this, especially in a female lead relationship. You can say till your blue in the face that she’s always right, that you trust her decisions, that you’ll accept her will. But if you don’t be specific, and give examples like what I’m doing here she won’t know what you mean and she won’t know how to be right. If I sat around moping today she might feel bad.

There’s such thing as Top guilt, you know. It’s when a dominant feels guilty for something their sub is going through. It can actually wreck a relationship.

Try to notice what I’m doing here. Yes, she is drunk and I can’t understand her right now. Yes, my dick is locked in a cage and only she can open it. She controls the money I earn too. I had two major life events happen today which I feel strongly about.

She’s been more or less unreachable and now she’s drunk.

Drunk Goddess by lynnember
Drunken Goddess, appropriated from lynnember (

…and that would start a fight for most people. Except, she is always right. It’s right for her to do that. It’s okay. In fact, I’m trying to show her it’s not only okay, but it’s something I can eroticize to some extent. I’m showing her there’s an effortless way for her to dig her heel in a little more. Because I want her to enjoy herself. The last thing I’d want is for her too worried about my problems when she can’t even do anything about them.

Doesn’t that make me a loser? No. A loser is a miserable fuck who can’t support his Goddess, who makes her feel guilty for something like this. I am not that dude. Being a stone for her to step on, and calling myself a loser would be an insult to her. Like saying she doesn’t deserve a strong place to stand. She deserve a fucking rock to stand on, and I’m telling her I can take it. And you know, if you really want your Goddess to dish it out… you have to let her know you can take it.

Wait.. if she’s got the keys to the cage and controls the money, how are those my problems? Isn’t she responsible for that? Isn’t there some basic level of care that should be looked at here. Yeah, probably, and I know she has it handled because she’s always right. She’s always right until she’s not, and then we can talk about that. And if that happened, I’d be on my knees explaining my case to her and awaiting her decision. Because she is always right.

It’s the water dance… she is always right

It’s about eb and flow, the push and shove. Or is it? No… just so, I think it’s about standing side-face. It’s about teaching each other, showing her how to conquer someone like me. Helping her understand what she holds and it’s proper usage.

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