How to clean steel chastity cage without removing it (as often)

Cleaning is necessary for long term male chastity, but removing the device all the time can be a chore. Here we’ll cover effective ways to clean a steel chastity cage without needing to remove it as often.

cleaning a steel chastity cage
Steel cages that allow some access are easiest to clean without removing

When to clean your steel chastity device

Cleaning your device and it’s contents is super important to do every day, especially if you’ve been physically active. Build up of any moisture leads to a bad time, and invites bacteria to the party.

Use soaps that are gentle on skin. Avoid dish liquid.

What you’ll need for cleaning

Effectively cleaning your cage without removing it will require a few things.

Gentle antibacterial soap

Gentle anti-bacterial soap is less likely to irritate the sensitive skin around the cage. We recommend Softsoap, which can be easily found at a local market or online at Amazon. Avoid using highly concentrated soaps like dish liquid or surface cleaners.

Cotton swabs and pipe cleaners

Soft, but sturdy cotton swabs do a great job getting into all the crevices. Dampened slightly with water and a dab of soap, cotton swabs can be used to lather and scrub all around the inside and base ring of a steel chastity cage.

Pipe cleaners can work especially well for cleaning around the base ring, but be careful because the wire inside can poke the wearer.

Sprayer attachment, water gun, or similar

You will need some way to generate moderate water pressure, to make sure all the soap and any dirt are forced out. Simply standing in the shower probably won’t work, and neither will submerging the cage. Use a shower sprayer attachment if you have one, or even something like a small super soaker.

More useful than a blow dryer…

Blow dryer or forced air

Probably most important, is a source of forced air that can blow dry the cage and contents. Excess moisture is a no-go. Be sure to completely dry the cage and contents for effective cleaning. Otherwise, you may find that cleaning actually doesn’t help.

How to clean the cage effectively

We’ll just explain what the author does to survive long term chastity.

  1. Lather up a cotton swab and scrub all around the cage, pushing it inside and out from every angle. Use a folded pipe cleaner for tough to reach spaces.
  2. Loop a lathered pipe cleaner around the base ring, so you can hold it from each end, pulling each end back and forth to scrub around the inside of the base ring between the steel and the skin.
  3. Take a shower like normal, and pay special attention to washing the groin area.
  4. Fill a small super soaker with hot water in the shower, and blast the water through the cage.
  5. Once out the shower, thoroughly dry the cage and contents with a source of forced air. The author uses a small Datavac air compressor. Be sure to get the skin completely dry, including the surrounding area so no water seeps in.
  6. Apply a small amount of moisturizing cream or lotion around the base ring. You want something that promotes skin health and healing, like E45 cream.

Expected results of cleaning your steel chastity cage this way

Prior to adopting this method we needed to remove the cage at least once a week for cleaning, often 2-3 times a week. Failure to do that would lead to itchy irritation, bad smells, and all manner of not-fun.

The cage still needs to be removed for cleaning sometimes, probably once or twice a month. We still open and check for looming problems once in a while just to be safe, but the urgency isn’t there anymore. Keeping with this routine it’s not a big issue to go a week or two without removing the cage for cleaning.

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