I’ve had a very occupied busy year this year with lots going on in the background. I’ve been very on and off this project allot of the ad work/blogs/ tip menu was reworked and recycled

I gone through the spots of happiness and draughts of depression allot this year but everything has kind of fell into place as the year has come to a close

2022 year overview

But now for the real icing on the cake…

The Mechanical Wings

For the Skeleton , I used a old light fixture, drawer sliders, fishing wire then odds and ends of bolts lastly for the mechanism to work springs from old swivel arm stands.

This enabled the wings to open and close

I also added foam to the light fixture part in the middle for comfort and sewed a small backpack out of clear vinyl to slot the light fixture inside

The top half I covered with recycled stuffing and some of Emily’s moulted feathers and I made a cover out of vinyl that had little ties under the skeleton this cover can be removed, so I could change them up if I wanted to

The cover is mounted with individual cut paper feathers. I thought that all the wings I made so far were very heavy and this option is much more lightweight

For the set of under feathers I used Emily’s feathers for reference these types of feathers are called pin feathers

These were with hot glue paper and skewers which are slotted into a cardboard pocket

I made 4 of these and again the card board part is removable and tied to the skeleton and threaded through the little holes in the drawer sliders

I then made a pulley with cables because I thought they would be great for my next Van Halen inspired striptease video, I found that strip teasing is not easy when you have a backpack with a giant set of wings on them

Dancing Oil Striptease last thong Reborn Preview

Above is a preview of me dancing in my video Dancing Oil Striptease last thong Reborn and it was a pleasure and magical experience to film & edit despite the real stress of putting up the the pulley

Mv Awards 2022 Outcome

Did Amazingly well this year but I didn’t quite make it as a finalist , I managed an incredible 6th place , however my turnover is higher than last year and there has been many positives and learning from the this year. I’ve learned to work with new material’s and tools and with very limited time since I have been very focused on my personal life this year it was very very rushed and unorganised due to changes in my life and illness during the awards. Despite all of that however I still got more votes than I did last year 2021 as a first time finalist

This Upcoming year..

This year in 2021 I expect to have much more time and an organised space to work in hopefully by July-August time because it will help that I have my own studio space solely for work and study

I aim to renew all advertising and expand my prize package menu with lots of time to prepare in advance , more camming and currently have 240 minutes claimed in custom content so that means lots of new releases to be expected , I intend to write more blog posts + more stock to physical items.

At some point nearer to the time I shall set up a go fund me of some sort so my fans can contribute to my new studio space, I have a vague idea of how I want it to look and its very exciting

For the Awards 2023 I’m going to theme my Queen outfit based on biblical accurate angels , ill do a new blog post soon with sketches and progress so that’s definitely something to look forward to !!!

If you like what I do you can also help me with future projects by saving up for paid votes for the awards , leaving tips etc

This can help me explore creativity and help pay for material’s/paint equipment etc I use and more

Mayaloux X

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