The Start of this year has been really heck , Just heck to be honest I’ve been busy with other commitments I also now have a pet duck called emily she’s the equivalent of a new human baby/dog as some of you know I have a daughter as well and the household has keeping me super busy at this time however I have managed to get time for my projects for the awards whilst writing this im rushing towards the finishing line

Mv Awards 2021 Packages & Prices for Mv Queen

Vote Packages for Mv Queen

  • $5 dollar vote = 5 Photo custom photoset
  • $10 = 2 Videos from my manyvids store
  • $15 = 5 Videos from my manyvids store
  • $25 = 10 Min Custom/Private + 10 Videos from my manyvids store
  • $50 = 30 Min Custom/Private + 15 Videos from my manyvids store
  • $75 = ALL VIDS + 30 Minute Custom/Private
  • $150 ALL VIDS + 60 Minute Custom/Private + A 6 Month Subscription to my onlyfans + Physical Item

(These offers are only available for purchase through the mv queen of the year catagory)

Voting has Started from the 13th of January & runs Until January 23rd at 8PM ESTI’m going for Mv Queen this once again year (Main category) Save the link:



link to Giveaway information post :


I’ll also be giving out physical badges if you meet the requirements below

One of the badges you can only claim if you free vote daily I can check my voters list to see who has voted daily

The Rules / Terms & Conditions in Detail

  1. You Must Free Vote on the contest for 11 days Consecutively to get the badge
  2. If you Vote 7 days consecutively you also can claim a 26 Photos photoset of full sized quality collectable photos from this set & Bonus MvAwards Videos
  3. If you do not manage to vote 11 days consecutively you cannot claim your prizes

If you need instructions on how to vote check back on a video courtesy of my best friend and slave Jason on last years blog below

Sub Catagories

I will be entering as many sub catagories as i can this year just to get spotted

These do not apply to the prize packages!!

  • MV Awards for MV Alt Star of the Year
  • MV Awards for MV Star of the Year
  • MV Awards for MV Roleplay Star of the Year
  • MV Awards for MV Rising Star of the Year
  • MV Awards for MV Producer of the Year @manyvids
  • MV Awards for MV Fetish Star of the Year @manyvids
  • MV Awards for MV Cosplayer of the Year @manyvids
  • MV Awards for MV Booty of the Year @manyvids
  • MV Awards for MV Boobs of the Year @manyvids

^ It doesn’t hurt to free vote these help me get noticed if you find the time

Make Sure to Check out my latest content I’ve worked soo very hard on the last couple of vids :

It’s been a pleasure to learn so much over the years as a Sexworker , Domme , Caregiver , Artist , Lover & Mother

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog will be adding updates shortly & blogs about my latest creations!!

Mayaloux x

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