I’ve sat down to reflect on my current situation and have really seen the bigger picture, the next phase of my life journey involves a significant shift in focus and priorities. With my youngest child still at home and my eldest soon getting in secondary, I’ve come to terms with the reality that pursuing large-scale projects and adult filming isn’t feasible for me right now. However, this realization has opened up a world of opportunity for me to explore my passion through my artistry

Balancing the responsibilities of motherhood while striving to re-enter the workforce within the next two years presents its challenges. In the Backround I’ve found peace and inspiration in dedicating my spare moments to painting, research and drawing projects, I’m currently building a portfolio of art that fulfills my creative aspirations but also sets the foundation for future business endeavors.

Its been really difficult to work through my daily routine of household chores it really eats up all your time I spend cleaning, doing laundry, re-organising spaces, getting dinner on the table, doing school runs twice a day and childcare duties; but I’m committed to putting my children first. Their well-being and development remain my top priority, just as they have been throughout my journey as a mother. Witnessing my eldest daughter excel academically (which is absolutely amazing!) she’s got into grammar school recently and I want the same for my youngest daughter, her thriving brings me immense pride and reaffirms for me my belief in the importance in home education before she gets into school. As my eldest did, this will put me back time wise however its what i feel is important to me.

While I’ve embraced the role of caregiver for my children and even my younger sister in the past, I view her also pretty much as one of my children as well, but since shes moved out shes on her own journey into adulthood and doing very well for herself. I recognize the need to secure a suitable income to support our family’s needs and re-build my buisness. So, I’m embarking on a journey of rebranding and revamping my skills to transition into a new chapter of entrepreneurship under the name Mayaloux.

Currently, my projects are a diverse range of creative pursuits, from crafting illustrated Goetia with evocation keys put in a more modern simple way along with listed information about each demon and designing ritual mats for ceremonial use seperatly. I will make a duplicate of these mats everytime i make one which i eventually plan to start selling. Coming from my 10 year experience in witchcraft I want to start selling metaphysical items, kits and I’m working towards creating unique artworks, fanarts for comiccons and then moving on to the potential publication of the goetia book in the future.

My passion at the moment for costume creation remains kind of abandoned; time constraints, dangers and space limit my involvement at present. However, as circumstances change such as for example when my daughter starts walking to secondary, that will free some time and with my youngest being more independant with her own set up; I’m optimistic about reevaluating my priorities and dedicating more time to this again

One of my most exciting ventures currently includes co-dungeon mastering a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, where I get to showcase my artwork and writing skills.

I’ve been using the dungeon alchemist and Inkarnate program to create maps , painting heroforge minis , getting costumes ready for my dm sessions I’m going to be sharing my dm fits through social media platforms such as Twitter , Tiktok , Instagram & my website. I aim to share these endeavors with a wider audience and establish a presence in the DnD community.

Financially, my future set goal is to save up for burlesque classes, which align perfectly with my desire for night time work flexibility. By combining this with my artistic talents, I envision a career path that commands respect and appreciation for my skills as a dancer, Artist and costume creator.

I made a post in November about my content purge this is when I really started to think about what im doing with my life

Stepping away from the saturated market of adult work has allowed me to reassess my worth and value as an artist. While I’m grateful for the support of my clients, I’m ready to embrace growth and evolution in my career. No longer willing to compromise my talents for low-paying gigs and unwarranted demands, I’m determined to carve out a niche where my skills are truly appreciated. With people charging so low amounts for content since covid when everybody decided to cam and become sex workers, somehow it became more accepted ,unlike before covid when this was less saturated and more taboo / frowned upon. The OG’s know what I am talking about. Even though I made even more money the year after covid I dont want to compete in a market with the art skills I have where they are not appreciated the fact clients feel they can manipluate and control me just because others are charging so low some of my customs took over a week to prepare for and the amount of work and money made was not equal to the amount of hours of work and effort put in.

Its almost an expection that I do the same as others and thats not really for me anymore (this is growth) I dont want to told to bend over a backwards with my head between my legs unless I’m in to that at the time haha, weeding through people wasting my time, dealing with horrid and racial comments for a few bucks when I have so many other talents that are underapprecited

I have felt within my sex worker journey that I’ve most enjoyed is the camming the entertaining chatting to my much loved clients, the dancing, I love to perform which I why I will very much enjoy the stage. I’ve enjoyed the large scale video projects because I am proud of the effort ive put into it. I can look back at my achievements and be like I really did that. I love the costume creation , I love being a domme and I love the relationships i’ve engaged in this with, the work that I put into my contests the hype of being a Manyvids finalist I got there and yet I’m a part time worker but that comes with the above for me with my art its not about art at the best of times its about tits and ass but also I really disliked the way im catagoried as a woman my ethnicity has played a part in my insecuritys, where im expected as I’m half asian and british I’m like catagoried to act like a submissive anime girl or something british themed and act in ways that are completely out of character for me when all I want to be is myself and well where there is lots of misconception about porn in general, it leads men to think things about women that are just so untrue and it blends into porn and real life among men and I hate that.

My sw journey has been a huge learning experience for me the adult industry is my love/hate relationship theres so much dark shit and yet theres so much excitement. I love the power it gives you , I love the erotica and It will make you confident , yet it will give you new insecurities if you let it take over you and allow others to tell you what to do. It also makes you desensitized to allot of shit that and plenty of trauma will do that anyway and I guess make you view men differently as a woman. You just feel like they must of never touched a woman and watched plenty of porn judging by the sex you have, men being confused about you not having pink nipples, having pubic hair, where you pee from etc, like did they have a good enough sex education, diverting away from that I still very much want to continue being a sex worker in future but I will only in the solid foundation that I have set boundries and charging the appropriate amount for my services because I deserve that…. but im just being real.

It is important to note I thank you so much to my loyal clients who have stood by me, I extend my heartfelt gratitude and hope to continue receiving your support as I embark on this new chapter thankyou for being so good to me, to the wonderful people, I am glad to have met you, (you know who you are!) With careful planning, dedication, and a dash of courage, Its going to be a hard feat with the way the world is and views sex workers specially on social media but I intend to push past that in any way I can and I’m confident that the years ahead will be filled with growth, success, and fulfillment.

As I organize, improve, and manage my plans for the future, evolution and self-discovery I have invited you , I hope you will join and support me along the way

Much love



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