In around Febuary 2019 I made my first wings

I used a cardboard outer edge with shiny holographic letherette matierals and simultaneously cut out the feather shapes while painfully waiting for my glue gun to charge every 30 minutes the project took longer than expected due to the waiting

At that point i had started growing in a small way but not fully grasping the aspect of my new mantra, It wasnt the original idea to make the wings bigger and better, as my success grows but this particlar thought helps me get through and express myself and feel rewarded through the effort even if it doesn’t get me exactly where i want to be . I know ive put the work in and achieved something brilliant either way,

but this is just the start

The next wings in the flight project I made for halloween with the bonus of my makeup mid range artistry skills, dependant on your opinion of fine arts ive always painted face and painted canvas with a slapdash approach sometimes with more or less detail sometimes with less effort or more Im a messy person so it goes well with my personality 😉

The original idea was inspired by this Album cover – Apashe Requiem

Music is super important to my life my constant go, pick-me-up , Mental Relief and Productivity Starter

The Plan For these wings was constructed Between the Start of August 2019 to Oct 2019

Top right corner im using the smaller wings for reference all entirely made out of cardboard, the base was made from a very large pizza box courtesy of my big brother for buying me massive pizza because i had a fall through in mental illness and was sick for sometime.

I used hot glue this time using a plugged in opposed to a chargable glue gun for time saving purposes and a pair of naff scissors and a mug for my cigarettes the finished product had been spray painted gold with copious amounts of glitter

The Images were very hard to take since i was so uncomfortable i had attached the wings with natural garden twine which was cutting nicely into my neck

The crown was made of wooden dowels, Pieces of plastic bottle, beads and fabric roses which i glue gunned together petals while burning my hands allot, i cut small circles in scraps of fabric and the spray paint also helped them set hard

Also if your wondering whats in my hair that is face paint but i would put paint in my hair too im not a wetwipe or a meticulious sadpants i would 100% put paint in my hair 😉

Final Chosen Image

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Mayaloux xxxx

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