Thursday the 29th January 2020 i was on a train to penzance for little weekend break , and working on my new sketch….

for the Mv Community Awards 2020

This design is inspired from howl’s moving castle

I was looking to wings on the back of the castle the early sketches looked allot more simplified

Each panel on the wings is made from mostly monster but also redbull , cola etc cans , using the same method with a cardboard base but layered to give a more 3d effect

1 wing done , Sorting cut monster can panels on the floor

Each can has the top and bottom cut off held in one hand cut across with a stanley knife and pulled apart ,ringpull removed (collecting these for a future project) to leave a sheet of metal which i then neaten the edges with scissors

I create a 3d effect by kind of building a cardboard support/scaffolding and wrapping the metal under and around which caused me many cuts on my hands i couldnt use gloves because i couldnt feel the metal properly or bend it how i would like

lastly a few added decorations + tacks to resemble nails and spray paint job

1 week Before Manyvids Mv Community Awards

The piece behind my head is to sort of represent a elizabethan collar but made into a cog shape with blades i wanted to do more to this project but limited to resourses and testing new matierals and + costs

Im mostly happy with the turnout of the wings but the images could be better and outfit better constructed i may in future re-submit or make new images with the same wings but better

I rushed taking the images on a very hot day with meltly facepaint across my top half being uncomfortable can ruin the ability to pose properly ,

I used snazaroo face paint , but i find mofajang temporary colour hair wax to make a much better body paint which i used on my skin the time i did my second wings and gold was much more pigmented rather than the yellow colour it seemed but the expense and time waiting for the arrival of this product can take much longer

I can definitely revisit this and make it 10X better but for now the wings remain as decoration to adorn my cam space / living room

The idea for the next project i think im gonna change up matierals and make something more lightweight still with wow factor im running out of space to display my wings

Im writing these blogs so you can see behind the scenes

If you like what i do you can also help me with future projects by saving up for paid votes for the awards , leaving tips etc

This can help me explore creativity and help pay for matierals/paint equipment etc i use and more

Im currently running for MV Queen at the Mv Awards 2021 go vote here Link to the contest : #MVAwards2021

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Mayaloux xxx

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