Valentine’s American Beauty Inspired Photoset

valentines american beauty photoset
American Beauty Inspo Photoset Cover

Over a few conversations with an old fling I mentioned I love old classic movies. The old theatrics possess more emotion and darkness, evoking more reason to think and question a story. American Beauty is just that.

He had mentioned this film for inspiration purposes so I decided to recreate the rose petal scene in my own way through photos and video content.

The whole process took a long time since I had to pull 2000 silk petals apart (they came stuck together in stacks).

Camera set up with twine, I basically had to lay flat with the stand between my legs. I had to change over cameras because the Canon was a bit too heavy for this project with both natural and artificial lighting.

In reality, I imagine the petals were triple the amount i had. I set my budget to £11 to pay for the petals being fake and pressed into silk shapes. It’s hard to imagine how much it would be for real flowers. I post a picture from this set for valentines themed contests on ManyVids.

You can buy the Photoset and Video here –>

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