Tired of arguing about yard work?

Okay… lawn mowing in drag sounds entertaining, right?

How to get your husband to mow the lawn

I want to share something with you all. I know a couple, we’ll call them R and L. R is a technical sales person for automobiles; like a sales person who used to be a top-tier mechanic. He’s one of the last people you’d expect to see dressed in drag. If you did, it would be like that guard from Super Jail. L, his wife just finished her degree in nursing not long ago and works in elder care.

They’re in a female lead relationship. L thinks R should mow the lawn, but R doesn’t like to do that on the weekend. For him, the weekend should be relaxing with a cold beer in his hand, ideally fetched by L. You know, at some level every guy wants that. It drives L crazy though. I can’t think how many times visiting them something about yard work started an argument.

The solution: erotic landscaping

Let that one roll around your mind a minute: erotic landscaping.

…no not like that

R and L live out in the country side, on a property surrounded by trees. It’s one of those places you could probably walk around naked and nobody would notice or care. Hence, they have a pretty big yard. Most guys can totally understand why R would rather sit and drink a bear than mow the yard. But for both of them, that turns into this beautiful piece of land being under-maintained. R thinks they should just pay somebody to do. L would rather spend that money on something else.

…or how to get your husband to mow the lawn

Then it happened: L canceled the landscaping company, bought a riding mower, and a drag outfit in R’s sizing. The goofiest, frilliest looking thing you can imagine.

The yard gets mowed religiously now. I’ve seen it. R gets on his mower in full drag. And it’s a comfortable mower. It has fans to keep him cool (although one is always trying to blow his skirt up), the seat is almost as good as a couch. And the whole time R mowes the lawn L will fetch him drinks. Really good, really effeminate cocktails. All afternoon while he relaxes on his mower, dressed in drag.



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