Goddess Maya Loux resting her feet.

In Mistress’s studio room the slave waits on it’s knees patiently as Mistress binds it. Collar? Check. Ankles cuffed together? Check. Wrists cuffed to front of collar? Check. Mistress bends down and looks into the slave’s puppy-dog eyes: “It’s time to get ready for my show. Any last words?” as she licks the slave’s cheek and grins sadistically.

Goddess Maya Loux resting her feet.
Goddess Maya Loux resting her feet.

The slave responds anxiously, “I exist to please You, Goddess”.

With that the Mistress steps around behind the slave and slips the deprivation hood over it’s head, leaving only it’s mouth exposed. Her hands playfully fondle the slave’s face from behind, sensual at first, they violating, probing into the slave’s mouth. “Keep it open sweetie”.

With the slave’s mouth obediently held open Mistress inserts the gag. The slave writhes and struggles when it realizes the gag is the fluid gag. It’s a ball gag a straw or tube can be inserted through. The slave can hear Mistress chuckle at it’s revelation, and whispers in it’s ear: “Don’t worry” and pets the slave’s head.

Mistress pressed a small key-fob into the slave’s hand. “Hang on to this. Feel the two buttons. You might be down there a while. The left button is for water and the right button is if you need to stop. Nod if you understand”. The slave nodded.

With that the Mistress gently tilts the slave forward onto the ground, leaving it’s face against the floor and ass in the air. The slave feels something slip over it’s ears and the world goes completely silent. A soft voice, the voice of Mistress tickles it’s ears, soothing, taunting, hypnotizing begins to fill it’s ears.

A loop track intermixed with hypnotic taunts and sound clips from her porn. An onslaught of sweet praises and conditioning assault the slave’s ears, interspersed with sounds of heels clicking across the floor and soft moans.

A soft, sensual loop repeats: “I am your Goddess, your only Goddess. You will only serve me… because… I am the most beautiful woman you have ever laid eyes on…. From now on you’re not to look at others…. I am your Goddess, and you do as you are told. I’m going to make you my new toy.. my subordinate, my play thing, my slave… sissyboy.. my disciple.. You’re my worker… you’re my pet… You are my little bitch…”

Mistress strides across the room and opens her new toy. Swaddled in packing paper and a few scattered air pillows is what appears to be a very posh leather foot rest, it’s cushion a deep red, with blackened cherry-wood framing. She lifts it from the packaging as the smell of leather fills her nose. It’s an odd foot rest. It doesn’t have legs. Rather, it has a cushion on the underside as well, and a long padded leg on one side, with a padded indentation at the end of it.

Mistress is confused. The instructions don’t make sense and she can’t read Italian. Realizing some stress she smacks the slave 10 hard swats across it’s ass. The slave is shocked out of it’s hypnotic dreaming and lets out a muffled groan. Her head cleared, Mistress reads the directions again: now it makes sense.

She carefully places the cushion on the slave’s back, with the long end towards it’s head. The rounded indentation on the leg conforms perfectly to Her slave’s neck. A strap and buckle secure it in place. The other end of the cushion forms to the small of the slave’s back and curve of it’s ass. Straps and buckles go around the slave’s waist, securing it in place. The final component is the anal hook, to prevent the cushion from sliding. Mistress hums to herself as she lubes it before sliding it into the slave’s ass. The slave whimpers and struggles a little, groaning.

Finally, Mistress attaches the shroud to the stool, a dark red velvet skirt covering the legs and totally covering the slave. To any passerby, it would just look like a fancy foot stool.

Mistress stands back to admire her handiwork. Before her is a perfect foot stool. She pulls her chair over, plops down and puts her feet up. Perfect. Scanning through her phone she checks her emails and twitter, and prepares to go online. With the notice sent out, she gets up and grabs her makeup kit. She chooses to sit on her new stool this time. As she sits she hears a muffled, unintelligible groan from somewhere while the stool buckles and shifts ever so slightly beneath her. It’s quite comfortable however.

Mistress goes about her readiness ritual sitting on her stool, fixing her hair up, doing her makeup, and talking to herself. Taking her socks off she walked all around town in she changes into her stockings and heels. As an afterthought she bends down and places the socks just by the long leg of the stool.

Plunged into blackness the slave has no idea what’s going on. No sight and the only sound the loop track of it’s Mistress soothing it, reassuring it, tempting, teasing. It’s movement has been even more restricted and a cold metal bulb fills it’s ass. There’s a weight on it’s back, shifting and changing. Totally oblivious to anything else, the slave concentrates on Mistress’s voice. A new sensation storms into the slave’s world: the sweet smell of Mistress’s feet. It thinks her socks must be by it’s nose.

The slave feels something shifting by it’s mouth and wriggles in anticipation and fear, but nothing seems to happen. A moment later the slave feels a faint push against whatever is inside it’s ass. Then, the weight returns, gently, shifting ever so slightly.

Goddess was dressed to kill

Mistress sits back in her chair and puts her feet up on her stool. Thumbing through the instructions she makes sure she has the ABox hooked up correctly. Two thin strands of wire run from one end of her stool to a small black box with some knobs on the desk next to her laptop. The speaker line from her microphone runs into the box and then another line runs to her laptop. She tests it: “Hello?”

Beneath her feet the stool jerks ever so slightly and a muffled groan comes from somewhere. “Where in the world is that noise coming from, I wonder?” she asks no one, answered by more muffled groans. She smiles to herself sadistically.

The slave feels a sudden jolt inside it’s ass. A wave of electricity tenses the muscles and pulls the bulb deeper, with a rolling zap. It feels like being fucked by an electric ghost. A couple seconds pass and another wave hits, this one longer with varying intensity, zapping and tensing muscles, violating it’s insides. The slave breaths hard and whimpers.

Mistress opens her cams and set’s the topic: “Lovense special: every tip shocks my slave; singing at every goal” and turns on some music to listen to.

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