The Flight Project

In around Febuary 2019 I made my first wings I used a cardboard outer edge with shiny holographic letherette matierals and simultaneously cut out the feather shapes while painfully waiting for my glue gun to charge every 30 minutes the project took longer than expected due to the waiting At that point i had started […]

Orgasmic Balloon Stuffing B2P Assorted

Balloon Stuffing Orgasms & B2P Lots of Different Balloons In this Vid Belbal 14″ crystal/soap Belbal 14″ crystal/soap Qualatex 15″ mouse Qualatex 16″ geo donut Qualatex 16″ Qualatex 16″ Tuftex 17″ Tuftex 24″ Belbal 14″ crystal/soap

Valentine’s American Beauty Inspired Photoset – Making Of

valentines american beauty photoset

Valentine’s American Beauty Inspired Photoset Over a few conversations with an old fling I mentioned I love old classic movies. The old theatrics possess more emotion and darkness, evoking more reason to think and question a story. American Beauty is just that. He had mentioned this film for inspiration purposes so I decided to recreate […]