Chastity: real life enforced chastity online

Goddess MayaLoux wears a symbolic anklet showing her ownership of her slave
Goddess MayaLoux wearing a symbolic key around her ankle.

Goddess Maya and I have been engaging in enforced chastity now since about the middle of May. It’s been a learning experience, I think, for both of us. For anybody who’s fantasized about chastity I highly rec

ommend you try it, but only after reading this. I’ve experimented before, but only for a few days at a time. We’ve learned the hard way it’s not as simple as just locking it on and throwing away the key.

Up until yesterday we’ve been securing the cage with numbered plastic locks so she can verify it hasn’t been removed. After some discussion and building of trust, we decided to take it to another level and ordered a ChronoVault from DreamLover Labs. I have to admit, the ChronoVault is rather expensive for what you get. A competent person with an Arduino and some sheet metal could probably make something just as functional in an afternoon.

It arrived in a plain cardboard box with the software CD just jammed in there with scratches on it. The device itself is pretty futuristic looking and Maya loves how it looks when it closes. It really does look like something out of a sci-fi movie. It’s also pretty straightforward to set up and use.

I’m overwhelmed by the feeling of release and submission. There’s nothing wrong with using plastic locks and an honor system, but the feeling of turning over real control is a very heady feeling for both of us. I feel very lucky.

For anyone out there interested in trying enforced chastity I highly recommend you make sure your keyholder or dominant is as caring and considerate as Maya. This can honestly be a physically and emotionally difficult experience. Do yourself a favor and avoid random internet findoms and mistresses who just want your money and don’t understand or care about what you’ll be going through. Trust me, Maya is deliciously evil, but she springs it on you slowly, lulling you in, until you think the evil is kindness 😉


Watch Maya Count Down and Close the Chronovault


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