Goddess’s Trophy Room

worship goddess Maya Loux

Goddess’s Trophy Room Goddess has a trophy room. The room is painted in deep reds and decorated with paintings, sculptures, wood carvings, and poetry. Each piece of art glorifies Goddess in one way or another. A large workbench dominates the center of the room, with drawers of art supplies underneath it. The only other furniture […]

Caring, Gentle Femdom – Understanding Safe, Sane, Consensual

Caring, Gentle Femdom brings one into the deep waters of submission, at least in my case. It doesn’t make you less dominant to ask permission or to check on your submissive. Goddess posted this image about it on Twitter earlier today and I want to elaborate on it from a sub’s perspective. Well, a sub […]


I want to let any regular readers or followers know Goddess and I have both been on a short hiatus for health and life reasons. The dream’s alive and well, but we haven’t been. Don’t worry, we’re both just momentarily unwell (I am just recovering from a horrible respiratory infection). We’ll keep everyone updated, don’t […]

Free tools for editing videos and sounds

After speaking with Goddess a while back I realized free tools for editing video and sounds aren’t well known. She told me about some online tool at a website she uses. This makes me wonder how many people are aware of the great open source multimedia editing tools out there. I’m going to take this […]

“You are dismissed”, skimming the surface of protocol with bdsm and femdom

“You are dismissed”… a phrase I hear often from my Goddess. With those words, She may end any conversation or interaction immediately and without reason. On the other hand, I am not allowed to end conversations. Unless life totally pulls me away, I hang in her presence until dismissed. We practice this rule, this form […]