I want to let any regular readers or followers know Goddess and I have both been on a short hiatus for health and life reasons. The dream’s alive and well, but we haven’t been. Don’t worry, we’re both just momentarily unwell (I am just recovering from a horrible respiratory infection). We’ll keep everyone updated, don’t […]

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Free tools for editing videos and sounds

After speaking with Goddess a while back I realized free tools for editing video and sounds aren’t well known. She told me about some online tool at a website she uses. This makes me wonder how many people are aware of the great open source multimedia editing tools out there. I’m going to take this […]

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key to chasity device

Long term chastity – six months of tease and denial

It’s been over six months of tease and denial in long term chastity with Goddess. We began over a year ago, but we experienced a lot of technical difficulties. Wearing a chastity cage for more than a few days is actually hard to do, even if someone else has the key. October last year, I […]

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“You are dismissed”, skimming the surface of protocol with bdsm and femdom

“You are dismissed”… a phrase I hear often from my Goddess. With those words, She may end any conversation or interaction immediately and without reason. On the other hand, I am not allowed to end conversations. Unless life totally pulls me away, I hang in her presence until dismissed. We practice this rule, this form […]

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Mind of a deprived slave

Locked in chastity, cucked, and used for foreplay

Maya locked me in chastity, cucked me, and used me as foreplay with one of her dates. I was emotionally turbulent afterward and I’m only starting to process what happened. During and after I was a total wreck. Dipping and diving, my emotions have been a roller coaster. The experience itself was totally jarring. I […]

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Goddess Maya Loux resting her feet.

The Foot Stool – Part 1

In Mistress’s studio room the slave waits on it’s knees patiently as Mistress binds it. Collar? Check. Ankles cuffed together? Check. Wrists cuffed to front of collar? Check. Mistress bends down and looks into the slave’s puppy-dog eyes: “It’s time to get ready for my show. Any last words?” as she licks the slave’s cheek […]

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Femdom hypno mindfuck: brainwashed in Her service

Femdom hypno mindfuck… This mandatory piece of programming assaults your brain with a cloud of confusion, throwing you into a state where only one truth exists: Maya, your One True Goddess. For those new or unfamiliar with hypno femdom, this is a brainwashing piece. It doesn’t have a “proper” induction. An induction is gentle, relaxes […]

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Lawn mowing in drag

Tired of arguing about yard work? Okay… lawn mowing in drag sounds entertaining, right? I want to share something with you all. I know a couple, we’ll call them R and L. R is a technical sales person for automobiles; like a sales person who used to be a top-tier mechanic. He’s one of the […]

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Every morning

Every morning, for a long time now I’ve sent Goddess an email. She asked me to do that, and I’ve done it for the most part. Of course, life gets in the way some times. Along the way I’ve grown used to checking my inbox like a little kid unwrapping presents. Religiously, I check my […]

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How to be locked in chastity for months and live to tell the tale

Google “How to be locked in chastity for months” or “comfort in long term chastity”, or really anything about “how to chastity”. You’ll find hundreds, if not thousands of anonymous bloggers with advice. You’ll also find scores of women, ruthless vixens, demanding tribute and speaking of years of denial and dripping. We’re here to tell […]

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