My chastity cage is like Maya’s alarm clock. It’s small and tight, and sometimes wakes me up early in the morning when I need to use the bathroom. I wake up with a raging erection pushing the skin through the bars of the cage. The ache is hard to describe. I pull on my bathrobe and head for the toilet.

This morning I was so swollen I had to sit, and when I tried to go it would only come out in little tinkles or squirts. It felt very humiliating. Even in chastity I’ve figured out how to stand and pee like normal, but it doesn’t work in this situation, making it even more degrading.

As the pressure in my bladder went away I started to notice the ache in my testicles, and the compulsion to rub them. To massage them so they’ll feel better. Bad idea. All it does is increase the frustration and ache. Like scratching a mosquito bite.

So I lay back down to sleep, but I can’t. My body is wide awake and needy. Every movement of the sheets across my skin is enhanced. It’s easy to get lost in stretching my arms and rubbing my shoulders. Before I realize it I’m hard and bulging against the cage again, and feel so subdued. Maya’s walking all over my mind.

So I thank the Goddess, get up, and start getting ready for my day.

The chastity cage is some strange combination of Radar Love and some sort of “domination on autopilot”. All throughout my day I’m reminded of Maya and her power and ownership over me. It doesn’t hurt, usually. It’s more like I’ll move a certain way and feel the cage’s weight. Each time I use the bathroom I’m reminded who owns me. Even the slightest sexual thought causes the cage to constrict around me. It’s a semi-pleasurable feeling that increases the ache each time it happens.

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