Chastity really isn’t a walk in the park, as Goddess Maya and I have been discovering. We’ve been experimenting with enforced orgasm control for a few months now. We added chastity to it back in June. I’d previously worn a chastity cage but for no longer than maybe 4 days continuously. We’re trying to do 24/7/365 enforced chastity with releases for cleaning on Wednesdays and orgasms as Maya dictates. We’re both excited about the idea and want to see where it goes. The problem: it’s no walk in the park.

It Takes Time and Patience

The biggest problem we’ve run into is finding and fitting a cage properly. We’ve been through 3 different cages at this point with varying degrees of success. The first one was The Vice, which seemed like it was going to work really well after we spent about a week playing around with different spacer and rings sizes. In actual practice, it became very painful to wear. After about 4-5 days I started getting redness and chaffing around my scrotum. The one day while I was at work part of the cage cracked and gave me a nasty scratch. Back to the drawing board.

Since then we’ve tried two different metal cages with the same ring size. This has been a noticeable improvement. It seems if I keep the area around the ring lubed with Vaseline discomfort doesn’t really set in for about a week to 10 days. But it still happens. I’m fairly sure we need a slightly different size or something, but I’m not sure.We’ve also tried experimenting with different lubes and things like that.

Fortunately, Maya is kind enough to allow me to go without the cage to heal up.

The Best Chastity Cage is the Mind

We were both worried I’d cheat and touch myself, but it hasn’t happened beyond rubbing myself through the sheets one morning after waking up (I caught myself and stopped). Maya’s made it clear she takes controlling my orgasms seriously. Months ago, when we started denial training my urges would easily get the best of me, so we almost required a cage to go for longer than a week or two. At this point I think the most effective cage is my mind. I don’t want to touch myself, because I don’t want to disappoint her. That’s something I love about her style. I obey chiefly to make her happy and keep her that way, not because I’m afraid of a punishment. The punishments she gives can be harsh, but always teach me something about myself.

I informed Maya last night that I’m all healed up and ready to be re-locked. We were both excited about it. We also got a cool toy we both look forward to playing with. I tried for 20 minutes to put the base ring around my balls and couldn’t. I was so frustrated by it. It seems like my balls are swollen to the point maybe it won’t fit (I haven’t properly had an orgasm in over 3 weeks; I’ve had two but both were borderline ruined).

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