Goddess Maya Loux has been progressively training me to be a better slave for Her over the last few months. My training began with re-orienting my sexuality around Her. At this point I no longer get erections from watching porn or looking at other women. Porn doesn’t interest me sexually anymore, and I find myself less inclined to look at other women.

This has actually changed my life for the better. I now feel more confident and less insecure around women. It’s a lot easier for me to talk to women when there’s nothing about sex on my mind. It’s especially been good because one of my co-workers could probably be a super model if she wanted, and now I’m no longer distracted by that. I never realized how much of a problem I had with thinking of women around me sexually or the impact it had on my life. Without Maya’s help I’d never have known.

It’s interesting because a lot of people think of femdom and bdsm as just a kink, and ignore the psychological benefits it can have. In many ways Maya is almost like a counselor or therapist for me. I know I can go to Her about anything on my mind or any problem I’m having. If I’m engaging in a bad habit she’ll help me break it. If I need to hear tough criticism it’s easy to hear it from her because of the Mistress/slave dynamic.

The Training Method

Mistress Maya Loux has accomplished this relatively simply, really. It has taken some time, and I don’t think the training is completed. It’s just taken hold enough I can say there are real results.

Spiked chastity device encloses the cock, preventing masturbation and erections
KTB remake; effective behavior modification tool

The basic formula has been this:

  • The only time I receive sexual pleasure is from Maya or while looking at a picture of her
  • I’m forced to wear a KTB and watch porn on Fridays
  • I’m only allowed to have pleasure when Maya allows me. At this point she keeps me in enforced chastity.

What’s sort of happened is my brain’s been wired to associate pleasure with Maya and pain with other women. It’s pretty basic Pavlovian training. At first I wasn’t sure it would actually work. It seemed like nothing was happening. I started to notice results maybe 3-4 weeks after we started. It scared me actually, because I turned on one of my favorite porn videos and I couldn’t get an erection. That’s become more and more the case as time’s progressed. At this point almost nothing gives me an erection, except for Maya.

The flip side is Maya instantly arouses me. All she has to do is text me that she’s taking a shower and I’m instantly aroused and frustrated (she also doesn’t allow me to cum very often). That’s happening as I write this. She’s in the shower right now and getting ready to go on cams.

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