81 days in chastity, and shopping for Goddess’s boyfriend

81 Days locked in chastity for Goddess Maya LouxIt’s Friday and I’m glad the week’s over, it seemed to last forever. Goddess played with me a little during work today. Only she is allowed to initiate phone calls, and she kept calling and hanging up before I could answer. I love the sound of her voice and our conversations are always great. It’s fun play like that I really enjoy, and it’s what I mean by 24/7 D/s. It was totally non-sexual domination around a normal, every day thing.

She did eventually call and chat for a few minutes before going out for the day. Her voice was like heaven, especially during a long stressful week like this one.

Goddess and I have long talked about more ways to interact, so this month I bit the bullet and bought a Hush and an Edge. She’s always talking about some internet controlled shocking device, which I also find incredibly hot. It just seems nothing is really on the market and I can never find the time to build one. It doesn’t seem like it would be difficult using an Raspberry Pi or something. Anyway, I’ve tested the Edge and discovered I might be in over my head.

First off, the Edge is bigger than I expected. It tickles my prostate just being inserted. Walking becomes an exercise in frustration. Second, it’s quiet enough I could wear it at work. Just thinking about Goddess being able to reach out and violate me like that any time… mmmm. As far as the vibrations, it’s pretty strong. I tried it out a little and discovered it’s intensely frustrating. I was dripping in my pants within just a couple minutes. I haven’t tried the Hush yet. It’s size is intimidating, but that’s why I bought it.

Goddess and her boyfriend both have birthdays this month, and I’ve been tasked with getting them both presents. Honestly, I enjoy helping her figure out presents because I know it’s something she doesn’t want to mess with. But it’s a special kind of cuckolding to buy her boyfriend, the same guy who spanked me, a birthday present. I’ve provided Goddess with some options to choose from and I’m hoping she likes them.


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