worship goddess Maya Loux

Goddess’s Trophy Roomworship goddess Maya Loux

Goddess has a trophy room. The room is painted in deep reds and decorated with paintings, sculptures, wood carvings, and poetry. Each piece of art glorifies Goddess in one way or another.

A large workbench dominates the center of the room, with drawers of art supplies underneath it. The only other furniture is a dog bed in one corner. A curtain divides the room from a small bath, including a kitchen sink, toilet, and shower. Speakers deck the corners of the room, softly playing monologues of the Goddess. It creates the effect of her voice being inside one’s head.

A large oak security door stands set in one wall with a food slot at the bottom.

This room is where slaves go after they cum.

After a slave cums, his mind is full of negativity, self-loathing, and angst. What may be a content, frustrated, loyal slave one day wants to run screaming the next day. This room is Goddess’s solution.

When a slave cums they’re placed back into chastity and locked in this room. It’s really simple. They’ll revert back to their slavish state given enough time for frustration to grow. So she simply locks them in here until they’ve created a trophy piece for her. That’s how she knows they’ve recovered.

The room itself speaks to slaves who enter. The trophies stand testament to her power, and remind all who enter they are hers forever.

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