I offer private Skype sessions between 10:00pm and 2:00am BST+5.

Choose the day and time you want to reserve, and then explain what kind of show you want in the box below.

Please be sure to read the Show Guidelines at the bottom of this page!!!.


Show Terms & Conditions

  1. Skype Rates                                                                               £15 – 10 Minutes,                                                                           £30 – 20 Minutes,                                                                           £45 – 30 Minutes,                                                                     £60 – 40 Minutes,                                                                                      
  2. A £5 deposit is required upon confirmation.
    • This is credited towards your balance.                        
    • You can cancel or reschedule with 24 hour notice.
    • Late cancellation or rescheduling will forfeit your deposit.               
  3. Once you schedule a show above I’ll contact you to confirm the reservation and relay payment details. Your £5 deposit is due at this time.